South Sound Sailing Society Officers

The South Sound Sailing Society
P.O. Box 1102 Olympia WA USA 98507-1102
area code 360

SSSS Board Members 2014-15

Commodore Webb Sprague 878-5334
Vice-Commodore Ralph Cumberland (303) 808-7998
Secretary Mike Buffo (206) 550-6488
Treasurer Peter Wyeth 915-8795
Member-at-Large Micki McNaughton 790-6294
Race Chair Kyle Reese-Cassal 359-1271
Cruise Chairs Terry Van Meter 481-5072
Past Commodore Debe Andersen 459-2650

Ship-to-Shore Editor is Steve Worcester, 352-9283,

Toliva Shoal Race Chair is Terry Andersen, 459-2650,
Southern Sound Series Rep. is Dave Knowlton, (253) 584-6684,

PIYA Rep. is Eric Egge, 459-3061,

Reciprocal Moorage Manager is Dave Moorehead, (360) 978-4205,

House Chair is Eric Nystuen

The Race Committee

Race Chair Kyle Reese-Cassal 359-1271
Assistant Race Chair
Handicapper Rafe Beswick 888-9844
Protest Chair Norm Smit 705-3186
Scorer and PHRF Director Steve Worcester 352-9283
A Class Captain Dan O’Brien 867-1783
S Class Captain Dave Elliott 866-8715
B Class Captain Roger Edwards 491-0193
D Class Captain Kelly Coon 352-4583
Dinghy Fleet Captain Jim Findley (360) 427-4292
Star Fleet Captain Bill Brosius 357-6932