2017-2018 Southern Sound Series

Winter Vashon – December 2, 2017

Duwamish Head – January 6, 2018

Toliva Shoal – February 17, 2018

Islands Race – March 17, 2018


The Southern Sound Series is an annual series of four sailboat races, each of which is conducted by a separate club. Each club has sole responsibility for the management of its race, while coordination of the series is accomplished through the Southern Sound Series Council. The Council is comprised of representatives from each sponsoring yacht club. This series’ representatives are:

Tacoma Yacht Club, Stephanie Arnold, (253) 405-1498,

Three Tree Point Yacht Club, Chuck Hendrick, (360)-402-0312,

South Sound Sailing Society/Olympia Yacht Club, Terry Andersen, (360) 459-2650,

Gig Harbor Yacht Club, Tom Gray , 253-358-5193


The Series will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2017 2020, and the prescriptions of U S Sailing, this Notice of Series, the Series Sailing Instructions, and the Sailing Instructions and Requirements of each individual race.


This race is open to all PHRF, IRC, Cruising Classes, and One Design sailboats.

A Cruising Class-NFS and a Commodore Class-FS will be offered. All participants must comply with PHRF rules and regulations, except that membership in PHRF is not required. All boats must have a PHRF rating prior to registration or receive a ‘SSS cruising rating’ by contacting the SSS Handicapper, Mark Harang, (206) 235-5716,

One Design classes will be any five boats of a singular design who would like to race as a class. Please notify the Race Chair of each race if such a group is registering.

Registration and entry fee

Eligible boats may participate in any or all races. Series awards will be given for participation in total scores among all four races. See Awards below for more details on series awards.

Eligible boats may enter by completing the entry form for each individual race. Each race will have individual fees which are due prior to the stated deadline. Entry forms and sailing instructions for each race are available on the yacht club websites and links will be provided on the Southern Sound Series website, .


Class breaks will be determined and announced the night before the Vashon Island Race not later than 7:00 pm at the Tacoma Yacht Club. The South Sound Series Council will appoint a committee to determine the Series class breaks and the decision will be final. Class break assignments will be posted to the SSS website and the Winter Vashon information website.


Starting sequence will be the same for all four races:

Cruising NFS and Commodore FS Class

PHRF Classes: reverse order – Class 10, 9, 8 …etc.

One Design classes

Series Scoring

The Sailing Instructions for this Series will detail compliance with U S Sailing rules, and any adjustments unique to this series with regard to scoring within and among series classes.

Overall scoring within classes will be maintained throughout the series and those ongoing results will be available through a link on the SSS website after the second race is finalized.


Southern Sound Series trophies shall be awarded to the first three boats in each PHRF class and in each other class, where there are a minimum of 5 entries in those classes in each race. The Southern Sound Series Council may reduce the number of trophies awarded for any class failing to maintain six entries in each race.

The Series Overall Perpetual Trophy shall be awarded to the boat with the fewest points as such points are awarded in each class, as prescribed above.

The Series Team Perpetual Trophy will be awarded to the yacht club or sailing society with the lowest overall team corrected position scorings, all races scored, no throw outs. To qualify, teams must be registered with the Race Committee prior to the starting signal of the first race, and consist of three, 3, boats, the owners of which are members of the same yacht club or sailing society, and, each boat shall represent that yacht club or sailing society. Each boat must be racing in a PHRF class.

In addition to the Series Overall Perpetual Trophy (see above), the Southern Sound Series will also award the Best Fleet Performance Trophy for the PHRF boat with the lowest cumulative overall score (all boats, not counting multihulls or cruising classes). There will be no throw out race applied to this score regardless of the number of races completed.