Southern Sound Series Rep Report:

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Winter Vashon Report
Duwamish Head
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2014-2015 Series is ON!

The four-race Southern Sound Series starts off December 6 when the Tacoma Yacht Club hosts the Winter Vashon Race. This is followed on January 10, 2015 with the Three Tree Point Yacht Club Duwamish Head Race. Our own, with OYC, Toliva Shoal Race will commence on 21 February and the Series ends on 21 March with the Gig Harbor Yacht Club’s Islands Race.

The Series Website, contains the Series Notice of Race (NOR) and Series Sailing Instructions (SI’s). Sponsoring clubs will provide their own information for their race on the site also.

Skippers may register on the site using the US Sailing Regatta Network, the same procedure as last year. Scoring will also use the Regatta Network and competitors may monitor who has registered prior to each race and follow the up-to-date scoring over the Internet as the race progresses.

Some of the changes from the 2013-2014 Series will carry over: Commodore and Non-flying sails classes will start thirty minutes before the PHRF fleets. The reverse start sequence will continue with the slower PHRF classes starting first.

Announcements will be made on the Series Website. Post cards will not be mailed announcing the four races. Cruising class boats whom do not have a PHRF rating must contact Mark Harang, the Cruising Class(es) handicapper: (206) 676-2136, . Inform him if you already have received a rating from him for a previous Series. The SSSS D-Class handicap that Kelly Coon assigns will not be valid, but let Mark know that rating should you have one.

The Winter Challenge Series Team Trophy will be awarded to the three boats from the same club who have the lowest combined score for the Series. The Series Overall Perpetual Trophy is awarded to the boat with the fewest points as awarded in each class, and the Best Fleet Performance Trophy for the PHRF boat with the lowest cumulative overall score for all boats.

Please contact me should you have questions and hope to see you Friday night, 5 December at the Tacoma Yacht Club for the class assignments and party, then Saturday morning, 6 December for the Winter Vashon Race!

Dave Knowlton, Koosah
Your SSS Representative