Welcome to the Toliva Shoal Race
February 20, 2016

hosted by the South Sound Sailing Society and the Olympia YC
The third race of the Southern Sound Series.
What is the Toliva Shoal Race?

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Prepare for a good time and a great race. We will do our best to make your stay in Olympia enjoyable. If you have any problems or questions, please call the race chair or ask for a race officer at the registration desk at OYC. Plan to attend the Friday night dinner and Saturday breakfast at OYC.

Be aware that we intend to closely monitor wind conditions and may shorten the race at any mark of the course.

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Friday, February 19
Our race weekend starts on Friday afternoon with a party for skippers, crews and friends at the OYC Clubhouse. All are invited.
1600 - 2200 Welcoming Party @ OYC Clubhouse - Free Beverages
1800-2000 Dinner @ OYC Clubhouse $10 – Cash or check only, exact change appreciated.

Saturday, February 20
0700 - 0830 Breakfast @ OYC Clubhouse $5 – Cash or check only, exact change appreciated.
0925 Warning for the Cruising Class Start
0955 Warning for the first PHRF Star
Please check Series Sailing Instructions for PHRF start sequence
After the Race hot soup, beer, and swapping tales.

Note: we cannot accept credit or debit cards for the meals. Cash/check only. Exact change is appreciated.

All the money taken in over and above the cost of the event will be given to Youth Sailing. That includes dinner, breakfast, shirt sales, entry fees, and bar tips .

Forms and entry fee must be received no later than Thursday February 18. A check-in desk will be open from 1600 - 2200 Friday, and will accept late registrations at that time. Entry Form. All skippers must check in and receive final sailing instructions.
Race Fee:
$30 pre registered, received by Thursday, February 19th.
$35 late registration, in person Friday night

Moorage is available
at Percival Landing this year, and possibly at the Olympia Yacht Club guest dock. Please comply with any directions from the dock hosts regarding tie-ups.
Other moorage
options are Swantown Marina (360) 528-8059, or Westbay Marina (360) 943-2022 or (800) 884-2080.

There is a good ramp and sling at Swantown Marina. Call (360) 528-8095, or VHF 65 to make an appointment.
Zittels Marina, on Johnson Point, has a sling; call (360) 459-1950.

The Diamond Lot on 4th Ave between Sylvester and Simmons requires a permit which will be provided free of charge at the registration desk. There is also limited public parking near Percival Landing.
Please do not park at Bayview Thriftway they will tow your car!! Please do not park in the OYC lot unless you are a member.

Course: Please see the Series Sailing Instructions for the course description.

Committee Boats: The Start/Finish boat, the mark boat, or the chase boat may be used to shorten the course.

Communications: The Race Committee Boats will monitor VHF channel 72 throughout the race. All yachts retiring from the race must notify the Race Committee, preferably by radio (VHF channel 72) or by telephone, (360) 239-8706. Such notification shall be as soon as possible after retiring.
Calls to the Race Committee, other than withdrawals or emergencies, will be terminated immediately.

Safety: We encourage you and your crew to wear appropriate safety gear, such as personal flotation and harnesses, for heavy weather or night sailing.

Preliminary results will be posted as soon as possible at the Olympia Yacht Club and on the Southern Sound Series web site..

Toliva Shoals Race awards will be presented for first through third in each class, subject to class participation, plus perpetual trophies for first-to-finish and overall corrected PHRF.

For more information write to Toliva Shoal Race Committee, P.O. Box 1102, Olympia WA 98507, call Terry Andersen (360) 459-2650 or email Susan McRae smcrae@earthlink.net with the word Toliva in the subject line.

Terry Andersen, Toliva Shoal Race Chair
Ralph Cumberland, Commodore, South Sound Sailing Society
Mike Phillips, Commodore, Olympia Yacht Club

Special Thanks To: City of Olympia, and all our local volunteers.

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Southern Sound Series

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The Toliva Shoal Trophy Case
PHRF Perpetual Trophy : First Over All Corrected PHRF
Governor’s Perpetual Trophy : First to Finish

Southern Sound Series Trophy Case

South Sound Sailing Society site.

Toliva Shoal RC, PO Box 1102, Olympia 98507
Terry Andersen, (360) 459-2650 tolivarc@ssssclub.com

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