Submitting Articles and Photos to the STS

Ship-to-Shore Policy & Style Sheet

Submissions to the editor,

Deadline : The General Meeting the month prior.

The deadline can be stretched a little for a short listing of a late breaking event. It should be possible to at least squeeze an item onto the calendar up till the S-t-S is sent to the printer.

We would like to hear from You :

If you have an opinion on how SSSS works, does not work, or should work, we want to hear it. And we are interested in how it did work – our history.
We also would like to hear about places our Members, you, have been and things you’ve done. Have you sailed far from home? Desolation Sound, Alaska, Hawaii, the San Juans, Seattle, … ? Or raced out of Seattle, or places farther afield? Did you learn a lesson that made for a good story? Fire, sinking, grounding, that you would own up to for the general enlightenment? Something else happen to you that makes a good short story?

Information on any and all local marine events is always welcome

We would like photos, or drawings, of Members boats, or Members, at recent SSSS events. If you have any we could use, they would be appreciated.

Calendar Items

To be included on the events calendar I need : date, time, place, and the cost — if any.
For non-SSSS events I also need to know how, where, and when to get involved and who to contact.
I would like it in writing, but I will take it over the phone.
If there is more to say then fits in the Calendar we will give it space, as long as we have some to give.
There is always space on-line.

Article Format :

Rich Text Format (.rtf) is universal. Also an older Word format with a DOC extension , NOT a DOCX extension.
No PDFs please.

To email it to me:
Method 1, this should be the best way: attach the word processor document to an email to me.
Method 2, this will work but will lose all formatting: Copy the document from your word processing program to your email program with the copy and paste commands under the edit menu in each program. Then send me that email.
Or forget email and bring it to me.

S-t-S Conventions :

Time in 24 hour format,
Oxford commas: a comma between the second to last item on a list and the final “and”. SSSS = South Sound Sailing Society,
S-t-S = Ship-to-Shore
OYC = Olympia Yacht Club
RC = Race Committee
PHRF = Pacific Handicap Racing Fleet of the NW
Member = SSSS Member
Board = SSSS Board
Meeting = SSSS General Membership Meeting
Cruise = a cruise event organized our Cruise Chair and sponsored by SSSS

Spelling and grammar should be up to the traditional standards of seamen.


Photo Format :

I can take electronic photos in any standard format, JPEGs are probably best. If it looks good on the screen, it can be posted on line, even if it does not print well.
No PDFs please.
I need to know the photographer’s name and the event.

To email it to me attach the photos to an email to me.
Or forget email and bring it to me on a disk.

Or you can post the photo on line else where and send me a link. Do make sure the site where you post is public without any log in. Send me one or two of your favorites I can post as a teaser and maybe print..

Videos are best posted elsewhere, like youtube, then send us the link, which we will post. They have already solved the format problem. Do make sure the site where you post is public without any log in.


Advertising :

Ditty Bag, Classified Ads : On line and in print

Members may run free a classified ad to dispose of or acquire boats, marine gear, and other personal property related to boats and the sport of sailing. These are short, a couple of lines : no graphics and not for commercial use. Write or email me, or see me at the Meeting, or call me.

Print ads must be renewed after three months.

Paid Ads : Print Only

If you would like to advertise your business or services in the Ship-to-Shore, please contact our Treasurer to arrange payment. Submit your ad to the editor. All advertisements must be paid in advance and submitted by the third Tuesday of the month to be published the following month.

Business card sized ad: $15 per month or $80 for the year, September through June.
Half page ad $75 per for $250 for the year, September through June.
Full page ad $150 per for $500 for the year, September through June.

Crew/Skipper Listings : On line and in print

Looking for crew? Or a boat to crew on? Members can be listed for free.
To be listed contact the editor by the deadline. Write or email me, or see me at the Meeting, or call me.

We need to know your name
your boat name, if you are looking for crew,
a contact phone number,
your email address?
and if you are looking to race or just sail.

To stay on the print list, contact me after you’ve been on for two months

Tips for Board Members

Remember your article will be read a month from when you are writing. Your present concerns maybe history by then.

Style :

Informal and friendly. Imagine you are writing to a friend. The kind of letter you might write on vacation, a “wish you were here” letter, might be good for events. Business matters might call for being more series and organized, but stay friendly — most Members joined to play not work. Examples in your old S-t-S.
Do not be afraid to repeat important points for emphasis. Repeat within the article (the old adage is “tell’em what you are going to say, say it, then tell’em what you said”). And repeat it for two or three months, if it is important that the Membership hear you. Then do not be surprised when someone has not a clue.

Subjects :

For an example, see the S-t-S article by your predecessor written one year ago.

Members Names and/or Boat Names

    • : mention all that you can find a reason to.

Future SSSS Events

    • : let us know what you are planning well in advance.

Past SSSS Events

    • : did it really happen, who was there, what did we miss, what is next?

Club Business

    • : information about the running of SSSS, ask for help.

Thank those who help you
Other Local Marine Related Events/news

    • : non SSSS events our Members might want to know about.


I will print just about anything a Board Member submits.
Other submissions are at the discretion of the editor.

Themes :

General theme : SSSS events are fun, participate.
Possible monthly themes:


    • : Welcome back to a Good Program : Fees a bargain, Encourage new members


    • : Encourage new members, Dues and race fees a bargain


    • : Dues due


    • : happy holidays


    • : Island Home Cruise


    • : the Toliva Shoal Race is here (race, help, eat, appreciate)


    • :


    • : Black Star Regatta


    • : New Officer Nominees


    • : Year Over, attend Summer events


Calendar Items:

Tell me about new events ASAP.
If the event is in the Yearbook I know about it — do tell me about changes.
To be included on the events calendar I need : date, time, place, and the cost — if any.

The Ship-to-Shore is published monthly, except July and August,
by the South Sound Sailing Society, P.O. Box 1102, Olympia WA 98507.
Opinions expressed and products or services advertised do not necessarily reflect the policies of SSSS. Mention of products or trade names shall not constitute an endorsement by the S-t-S or SSSS of their use.

If you are having a problem receiving the Ship-to-Shore, would like to submit (a letter, article, or photo), run an advertisement, or have other questions or concerns contact the Editor :

Steve Worcester,